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A type of Foamy cotton ball used to clean up blood discharge after an intense go at anal sex.
Lauren needed two bags of foam rollers when her and Jeff Ladd were done in bed.
by J Raff December 20, 2004
A type of erotic dance club, usually found in Europe, that has machines which emit foam from the ceiling, allowing gay couples to rub together and be clean.
Doug Lyons and I often visit the local foam roller, where we sodomize each other in a paroxysmal splendor of foamy passion.
by Jeff a.k.a Meatballs December 18, 2004
An instrument used to relieve pain on legs from anal sex

Also for homosexual pleasure
Lauren needed a foam roller after a night with Alex Ford
by Doug Lyons December 09, 2004
something meatballs should stick up his ass
meatballs should eat a fucking foamroller
by ??? ;0 May 01, 2005
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