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Short for Fort Collins, a city in Northern Colorado. If you're ever there stop by Blue Hall, it will change your life.
What's going on in FoCo tonight?
by YaMar617 June 28, 2005
Cristal Meth smoked in a light bulb. Heavy use of this drug can make you very agressive, Schizoid and Paranoid.

Other spanish slangs we use he in Mexico are:
Cristal, Cri-Cri, Cranka, Hielo, Vidrio, Mierda, cagada, Cristina,
Michi: Hey Tapa, give me 2 hundred pesos of Cristina, Now!
Tapa: Sure thing man there you go don't go nuts, take it easy
Michi: I can't live without this shit man, I go LOCO without FOCO!
by ARIELROCK May 02, 2010
The short term for crystal meth,ice or the object used to smoke it. spanish for light bulb
Big Sal "whats cracken homie"
homie "what up big homie"
Big Sal "hand over all the foco ey"
by Nigga4rmthabowl June 07, 2009
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