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In Real-Time Strategy games, notably Age of Empires, a type of game map that uses impassable terrain (usually forest) to prevent players from rushing or coming into contact until the intervening terrain is cleared. Such maps teach bad RTS gaming habits to new players, as they prevent the development of rapid-response early game skills and encourage reckless booming.
There's so many Michi maps on the AOE servers these days that you can't have a decent game any more!
by Mystikan March 25, 2004
n/adj. Michi
Perfection, perfect. Syn: peerless, sound, unblemished, absolute, sublime.
Today is a meechee day to go to the beach.
by tai ler August 01, 2003
1. n. Someone who doesn't do anything at all with their life. Some people procrastinate, a michi doesn't even procrastinate, he employs his/her time to do absolutely nothing. There are reported cases of michies sitting in a closet to avoid even seeing.

2. v. To cease any and all activity. Proceed with caution when miching, for there are known cases of severe atrophy of muscles after extended periods of time miching, and even death.

Example 1: Doctor: Your situation is very serious. You cannot do absolutely any work, efforts, or stress. I would recommend you to take a michi clinic where you learn how to avoid everything and lead an extremely boring life.

Example 2: If you're swimming and you spot a shark, stand still, or better yet, try to michi as well as you can without drowning!
by ineB January 31, 2008
Michi is a spastic cake-baking, erging, shopaholic. she is a slight cheesecake who has almost as many pairs of shoes as she has items by Coach. Michi likes geller jeans and ugly boys, like Michael Phelps.
Tyler Hilton: Dude, that Michi girl was waiting outside by my car when I got out of the concert. I think she's like stalking me, but I'm okay with that becuase shes such a hottie.
by really cool girl April 13, 2005
Used to describe someone short and who smells like cabbage.
Look at her, she's so michi!
by AJ January 23, 2004
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