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FlyFF is a Korean grindfest pile of crap-game made by AeonSoft, a company who doesn't give a fuck about the players and ignores 99.9% of what the players suggests. PvP is incredibly unbalanced. Cash Shop whores become overpowered, ruins the game for the non-cash shop users. Quests are extremely retarded and repetitive. Overpowered classes (Billposters for example), stupid end game content, PK system is ridiculous, why the fuck would I want to PK someone if my damage is just gonna get lowered by 5% for each player I kill? They keep releasing cash shop shit while players want actual in-game fixes like balance the PvP and shit like that. They just want your money. The only time FlyFF was good was when it was on v1~v7, after that it just became crap.
Retard: Describe my favorite game FlyFF in 6 words.
Me: FlyFF - Free to play, pay to enjoy.

Dumbass: I'm excited for the release of version 16.
Me: I bet 95% of the crap that would be released are just for the cash shop whores.

Grind whore: I just reached lvl 129 last night after playing 3 days straight.
Me: Congratulations, you just wasted your time.
by Xaviery October 15, 2010
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A pill that is used to ease eye strains after long hours of sitting in front of the computer screen. Imported illegally from South Korea, it is popular with lifeless gamers, koreanophiles and kids who have occasional sight troubles.

Warning: side effects include hyperthermia, hallucination, dizzyness, stress, cardiac arrest and/or strains in male genitalia (females can be affected too, between their labia majora and labia minora.)
Guy 1: Ow! My dick hurts!

Guy 2: What happened?

Guy 1: I had two pills of Flyff last night to ease my eye strains, but all it did was killing my genitalia. Now I won't able to have sex with my girl tonight!

Guy 2: That sucks!

Aigo, aigo, aigo!
by HateMainstreamMusic July 19, 2008
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Flyff, or 'Fly For Fun' is an online MMORPG made by a Korean company called Aeonsoft. Flyff separates itself from most MMORPGs by having a flying system, in which you can fly around using a hoverboard or broom as a way of transportation to other islands and towns in the game to explore and level up or for battles in PVP (Player vs. Player) mode and more than 120 levels of play.
All your Flyff are belong to us.
by Ythan January 16, 2006
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A great mmorpg until you get to level 40 or so. You think your making friends but it turns out they really don't give a shit for you. Guilds are full of emo drama and everyday convos in towns are normally not in English. You'll make friends only to lose them later cause all they care about is levels, how much you play, and clockworks (The toughest boss in the game to date). So in other words if you don't devote your life to playing this game about 99% of the time, the so called friends you made will show their true colors. Cursing you for inactivity and/or kicking you out of the guild if you were in one.

All that is for about levels 40-60. All this crap only multiplies after people hit level 70. There have been many cases of great friends and wonderful people miraculously turning into complete, arrogant jerkoffs after reaching said level.

To summarize. You'll learn to hate the game as the levels increase.
Guy 1 (Level 20): Hey there how goes it? Having fun playing Flyff? :)
Guy 2 (Level 20): Oh not much..this game is a real blast! Ready to spank some monsters? ;)
--Few months later--
Guy 1 (level 60): Hey what's going on? How about we hunt some giants and take some names huh? What do you say? ;)
Guy 2 (level 70): stfu noob busy kill cw lolx (cw is short for clockworks)
Guy 1: Huh..?
*Guy 2 blocks Guy 1 after calling him a noob a few more times*
by Terronega May 15, 2006
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FlyFF is a life ruiner, to be honest.
It steals iSketchers and makes them obsessed with flyffing..

And all they do is talk about battling and GPotatoes!

It's a sad tale.

Stupid FlyFF. Let's all hate it together.
'Hey, are you coming on iSketch?'
'NOPE! I'm FlyFFing tonight ;)'
by Feverish April 08, 2006
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The stupid ass game my friend spent 3 grand the first time. Later got banned and then played more and spent another 3 grand and then quit and sold his stuff to pot heads....Yay.

My story: I got to lvl 80. I spent 300+ on the game...and realized it was ghey so I stopped playing.

The game is a life ruiner and will take the time away from making babies. Stay away from this game or you shall be hrawled
Hey! I wanna buy Gpots on Flyff! Oh darn! Only 100 dollars a day =(

Guy1:Dude! You wanna go lvl?
Guy2: nah...This game sucks. I'm gonna go get addicted to cigarettes.
Guy1: Werd.
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it's a fun game untill you get to lvl 40, then it becomes a pain in the ass, but thank god for quests... ah yes quests, the hard as hell type of thing that you have to do for absolutly nothing and to consume your life and eat away your soul... like friends
flyff is fun! but this quest is fun and i finally i have all the items i need to complete the quest... all i needed is to get 5,000 rare item's that took 5 years to complete!
weapon smith: thankyou thankyou your reward is beging highly reconized for your deed.
by robbie regan March 07, 2007
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