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1. A shiny rock, similar to diamonds in looks.

2. A pretty name for a girl.
1. Wow look at all these crystals! Can I lick one?

2. Crystal is the name of my fiance!
by Terronega May 15, 2006
A great mmorpg until you get to level 40 or so. You think your making friends but it turns out they really don't give a shit for you. Guilds are full of emo drama and everyday convos in towns are normally not in English. You'll make friends only to lose them later cause all they care about is levels, how much you play, and clockworks (The toughest boss in the game to date). So in other words if you don't devote your life to playing this game about 99% of the time, the so called friends you made will show their true colors. Cursing you for inactivity and/or kicking you out of the guild if you were in one.

All that is for about levels 40-60. All this crap only multiplies after people hit level 70. There have been many cases of great friends and wonderful people miraculously turning into complete, arrogant jerkoffs after reaching said level.

To summarize. You'll learn to hate the game as the levels increase.
Guy 1 (Level 20): Hey there how goes it? Having fun playing Flyff? :)
Guy 2 (Level 20): Oh not much..this game is a real blast! Ready to spank some monsters? ;)
--Few months later--
Guy 1 (level 60): Hey what's going on? How about we hunt some giants and take some names huh? What do you say? ;)
Guy 2 (level 70): stfu noob busy kill cw lolx (cw is short for clockworks)
Guy 1: Huh..?
*Guy 2 blocks Guy 1 after calling him a noob a few more times*
by Terronega May 15, 2006
Stands for "I laughed so hard I broke all my furniture"
A long, useless, but more original way of saying LOL.
The origin of the word most likely came from a pothead that thought lol was getting old.

The breaking of furniture doesn't really occur. Just like when one says lol they aren't really laughing.
Guy 1: I kicked a kitten! Ilshibamf!
Guy 2: ilshibamf...? The hell..
Guy 3: Hey at least he didn't say lolx or lolz.
by Terronega May 15, 2006
see also: noob, hax, lolz, lolx, plz, plx, plox, kthxbye, jajajajajajaja(which is used often by BR) and today's usage leet.

There are too many words like these to continue. Most of these are used for online games and/or forums.
Anyone using the above written terms has officially degraded as a human.
by Terronega May 17, 2006

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