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2 definitions by Ythan

Flyff, or 'Fly For Fun' is an online MMORPG made by a Korean company called Aeonsoft. Flyff separates itself from most MMORPGs by having a flying system, in which you can fly around using a hoverboard or broom as a way of transportation to other islands and towns in the game to explore and level up or for battles in PVP (Player vs. Player) mode and more than 120 levels of play.
All your Flyff are belong to us.
by Ythan January 16, 2006
276 140
Any person who can do something very miniscule and still be glorified for it.
An Ythan: Oh, a dime. -picks up dime-
Hundreds of Fangirls: -squeel-
by Ythan October 08, 2005
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