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Fluzz: short version of flower

fluzz is a ninja and he has a note from god to prove it and even leni has admited to his ninja power

fluzz can often be found idleing his time away on rahfish
fluzz the mighty ninja
miss fluzz
etc etc
by Fluzz May 23, 2004
A species of the animal kingdom known to possess many personalities. Its natural habitat is that of upper-class dwellings, will not be seen near watering holes or other ecosystems that involve those deemed as 'peasants' unless absolutely necessarily. The Fluzz has a weak immune system and contracts man-flu very easily and will complain about it for approx 10-14 days. It is a solitary creature but is known to many. Staple diet of Nesquik, excellent baking skills but is known to have poor taste in TV programmes. Easily distinguished by its unusual facial fur, sarcasm and posh geordie accent. As well as the over-use of words and phrases such as 'meh', 'i dont care', 'peasant', 'fat' and 'wench'. Attracted by the colour purple, repelled by the colour yellow. With a creative brain, this species has much potential to thrive. However, the males possess an irregularly large Hypothalamus which can cause this sex to be overly emotional OR can have the adverse effect of crushing the pituitary gland, limiting the release of hormones causing the temporary lack of emotion. If trained, this animal can be an excellent pet to a tolerant owner however, its reported to have a very nasty bite so a thick skin and/or rabies shots are advised.
person x: "oh no, there is a Fluzz, run!"

person y: "no, KILL IT!"

person z: "no, let it be, im sure its very lovely REALLY, just a little misunderstood"
by yellowpres April 04, 2008
linked to rahfish
by ikkle fluzz November 01, 2003
The combination of Fuzz and Fluff. ie the stuff you might find on a sweater.
"Oh you've got a bit of fluzz on your arm, must have been from your jacket."
by HazelErised January 15, 2012

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