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An individual protest against sexism. A flurt is someone who flurts with the rules of society, showing the world that women are more than sex objects and baby makers: They are real women with real voices.
Suzy flurted with the idea that she was supposed to be a homemaker, going into carpentry instead.
by vanslykea April 26, 2013
verb. flurt·ed, flurt·ing, flurts

To make playfully romantic or sexual overtures with all the grace and nuances of a doctor performing microsurgery with a crowbar.
Person A: "Did you see Steph and Thomas flurting over there?"

Person B: "Yeah, it's was disgustingly obvious"
by Alchymist January 21, 2012
An extremely loose bowel movement. Often associated with a hangover and a dubious late night meal. This word is an example of onomatopoeia.
That was the most abhorent flurt that I just did.
by lukedc June 21, 2009
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