A very obvious erection that pushes out the front of a guy's pants.
Billy got a raging fluffy when he saw the two girls kissing.
by ltlredvxn June 01, 2005
Fluffy, adjective, used to describe a person of limited intellectual potential, whose membership of a sub-culture or interesting other-culture is used as a way of appearing more intelligent then usual.
Fluffy, sex-crazed furries are the worst people you will ever have the displeasure of meeting. If they try to show you their art, run away!

(I would like to dedicate this dictionary entry to my undying love (joke!), e_richard of Livejournal.
by Eurisko97@livejournal.com April 23, 2005
The affectionate nickname female fans have given for the character Sesshomaru, from the manga/anime series Inuyasha.
"Fluffy-sama is so HOT!!!!!"

"Holy shit girl calm down."
by Dave January 20, 2004
Hairy female private parts
"Get ur fluffy out!"
by 50 Franks October 04, 2006
To be/get drunk, faded, wasted, smashed, etc.
Yo, we're gunna get fluffy tonite son.


Yo I'm so fluffed up I can't see the time on my watch straight, dogg.
by Nipitts April 18, 2007
A term used to describe a woman whose body type does not fit the "sickly thin model" standard.
Word first coined by Tracy.
When asked by her doctor to describe her body type, the woman responded with fluffy.
by Kelly and Tracy July 31, 2005
A cat that is best known for his prison association to sadam. Is a respected member of the prison community and is recognised as funny in more ways than one.
Fluffy got a sore arse.
by Dr T. Gerbal November 27, 2004

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