a fart, not loud, stealthy and silent, you can only smell it. Sometimes can be very lethal, may burn nose hairs, or make u pass out.
"Silent fart, holy fart, all is calm, not for long!" "Crap! Kyle did u let a fluffy?"
by Aj April 14, 2005
A cat that is best known for his prison association to sadam. Is a respected member of the prison community and is recognised as funny in more ways than one.
Fluffy got a sore arse.
by Dr T. Gerbal November 27, 2004
soft or homosexual basically a punk,easy to control , lack of altitude
homeboy fluffy like a mo'
by carlos ochoa December 22, 2006
Bob Aalbers made this word.
He called his curly hair: FLUFFY :P

Why? ask him :D
I love Fluffy (Hugs hair)
by Joey Gernaat March 10, 2005
noun {perjorative}
1) a gay man
2) an unintelligent person
3) a fat person


light and airy, consisting of matted thick filaments separated by air
Don't look at your nails with your palms facing forward or people will think you're a fluffy.
by Elvidse March 07, 2016
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