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Flushy The Toilet Monster was given life by artist Skid Lo. Flushy is a celeb toilet originally from Butte, Montana. He is best known for being the toilet on the popular television series Prison Break. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife Flushette.
Person 1: Flushy is so cool! Where can I get my own Flushy!?
Person 2: Man, you can get it from the one and only Skid Lo.
by Mr. Blonde01 August 09, 2011
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Often found trawling through the Gay scene in Brighton, can often be seen in tight suits usally reserved for charity shops in the Ukraine. Often rude and bluntaments. FACT
is that Liberace or flushy?
by FCKMYLIFE August 13, 2008
Found in the gay scene in Brighton, wearing tight suits fit for a charity shop in Ukraine. Often rude and bluntaments
is that flushy in the public toilets?
by fckmylife August 13, 2008

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