a motorist who does not maintain a constant speed on the freeway; a motorist who passes another motorist and then slows down; a motorist that speeds up when passed by another motorist, and then slows down; a f***er who fluctuates his/her speed on the freeway, usually disrupting the drive of other motorists.
I have passed that flucker five times now.
by Driving School March 17, 2009
fly mother fucker
look at that flucker
that flucker is fine
i want that flucker in my bed
by ILIBIB May 22, 2009
A joke word made up to discribe a person who is both intrested in card games and who likes to play table top role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons.
We fluckers gotta stick together...though im not sure what we should play tonight...magic the gathering or shadowrun?
by The Great Mr Slamm-0! July 18, 2005
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