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When an evil wizard has sex with a virgin on the night the two moons come together in order to have a dragon baby and rule the world.
Guy 1: "Are you going to the fuckening?"
Guy 2: "Yeah, just as soon as I get the horn of a unicorn so I can slay the wizard"
by Watcher of Your Highness April 18, 2011
first used on the hit film 'your highness' as a term to describe a fuck that would happen when two moons became one. an event that would spawn a dragon baby.
ugly old witch:(raises toast) To the Fuckening!
warlock:(also raises toast) Yes, to the fuckening!!
by beefsmith May 02, 2011
The commencing of getting royally fucked
Let the fuckening begin
by Pisces2282 May 10, 2014
Fuckening is the ritualized taking of someone's virginity to become a more powerful being. It is best done under the light of a full moon with spectators in dark robes.
Brad: Hey your looking fierce bro, whats up?
Ned: Julie and I took part in a fuckening last night I feel great!
by Sebastian Steelflex October 20, 2014
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