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flowbeat // f'low-be"at comes from the ancient tribes in South Africa, primarily Zimbabwe and Lemba.

Used during ceremony, young children becoming tribal members are to flowbeat, or masturbate, until they can draw an outline of the greatest God, Chzeklemokikakakakaina, onto the richest soil in the land with their cum.
in description.
by alexis May 25, 2004
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Flowbeat (N) - The word Flowbeat refers to the sport of naked skydive painting. In the sport of Flowbeat the "Flowbeaters" use paint that has been smeared on their naked bodies and then they rub up against their cavases in hopes of creating a magnificent painting and being crowned "Flowbest."

Flowbeat (-ing) (v) - To paint a picture whilst skydiving naked.
When we all took a Flowbeat lesson I learned a great deal, in fact I even won a championship for Flowbeating and I was crowned Flowbest.
by Eikichi May 25, 2004
root= I think the word started to be used with that DDR game stuff.
Adjective: Definition to be hip especial in dancing. To move flutetly with music; Noun: a person who is cool (especialy in referance to ddr or dancing)
Justin you really got the FLOWBEAT today, your moving so cool out on the dance flor.

There was this awsome guy playing ddr yeaterday, he was such a flowbeat.
by Alicia Miltalk May 25, 2004

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