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When you are in the verge of commiting suicide, you go to this crappy site.
Some people actually waste their money
to look better, so they can get "screwerd."
Before I shoot myself in the head, let me go to habbo hotel, afterall, it will bore me to death!
by Alexis April 18, 2005
What health nuts or vegetarians eat: leafty greens and vegetables.
Can you minus the rabbit food from that sandwhich?
by Alexis October 28, 2004
Son is like your friends or your a nigga you real cool with that you say wassup to.
Wasssup son!
by Alexis December 01, 2003
playing around/kidding
tom:that test was so easy!
cheyann:ur joshin me! it was SO hard!
by Alexis October 17, 2003
usually referring to cigarettes. A pack of cigarettes. Singular cigarette.
Can i have one of yours? I left my stoogies in the car.
by Alexis March 26, 2005
The Impatient Gourmet is a sexual position in which one woman stands on her head naked with her legs spread, while the other woman goes and orders a pizza.
"My gustatory cravings were overpowering my sexual desires, so I had to give her the Impatient Gourmet."
by Alexis September 30, 2004

1. to demean, look down upon, or call into question the validity of one's views or opinions; to impugn

2. to argumentatively deny one their right to their views or opinions
"You're free to think that pineapples belong on a pizza; I disagree, but I won't besmunge your taste."  
by Alexis November 19, 2004

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