state filled with rip-off tourist destinations, old geezers, and a fucked-up election
In Florida, old people played bingo
by 0000 October 16, 2003
Bad drivers—particularly retired New Yorkers--who get their drivers license from a Cracker Jack box.

Grumpy, old people--particularly retired New Yorkers--with a bad attitude.

Electile dysfunction where people can’t even poke a small hole thru a ballot card.

People migrating to its shores in inner tubes.

Corporate executives and CEOs golfing.




There’s nothing like Panama City during spring break.

Disney World

Too many tourists that irritate the hell out of those who live there.

The country’s best marijuana and crack.

Stupid people rebuilding there home every year after a major hurricane. (get a clue)

Need I say more??

Florida is a nice state to visit, but God help you if you want to live there. Dollars generated from tourism doesn't bring intelligence. This state needs serious help.
by krock1dk May 24, 2008
The Gun shine state (The crackers got a law called 10-20 life, the streets got a law called ride wit yo fie)
"You betta ride wit yo fie, or stay yo ass home why? cuz you in a muthafucken choppa zone" Florida is a certified Choppa zone

A street bitch so the street law i live by, in these streets nigga only the smart survive!!!!!!!
by Ms Crystal Way August 20, 2006
A wondeful state that has the most terrible education system (Everyone is utterly stupid, if they aren't well they've kept their sanity) in the entire nation, too many old and ignorant people= Car Crashes. As well as the people here just aren't very nice to each other.
Sadly, I have to stay in this shi*hole for the next four years of my life.
by ????? February 08, 2004
Ghetto, gutter, grimey, etc.
"Munk kicked in the door and stuck them 3 kids up and even pistol-whipped one and broke his nose. He made off with all their goods too. Man that shit was Florida."
by Anonymous man August 10, 2005
Well known as the 'funnest place on Earth', 'Where the old roam', 'Where the hoes are'.

Partially right. Florida is extremely boring, old people driving cars got their license out of a frickin' cracker jack box. Certain roads and cities are over run with hicks, hoes, and knocked up chicks.

Supposed to be bright and sunny? Rains all too often, and is hotter than hell at times. I'd say 80% of Florida is owned by damn Disney. MY GOD, anyone here would be sick of Mickey Mouse.
Going down to Florida, I'll bring my sniper.
by Lizzie May 27, 2004
The Sunshine State, The Place where a bunch of children go to Disney World, and the state where it seems like every freaking child is being abducted and murdered by a sexual offender that just got released. The new place to plant your vegtabes (that's mean but it is a refence to Terri Schiavo, God Bless her family)
How Sunshine State can a state be if children are being abducted every other week? I'm never moving to Florida and having a family.
by Who The Douce Are You? April 16, 2005

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