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This word is typically used in conjunction with a contraction like "That's" (along with other slang variations that imply "That's"), in everyday speech as a response to an unspecific topic, in order to express a combination of emotions as well as to acknowledge their statement. This topic can be anything that is generally a bad situation, or a loss as opposed to a gain.

Can be used as a substitute for "I do not have advice or a response to your statement, however i do understand what you are saying and agree with your point"


a.) Can be used to describe a person in place of the words "You should not associate with that person the way you intend to."; this information can be gathered from from direct or indirect sources of omnous information.

b.) The phrase "That's flook" can be synonymous with the phrase "Dead mission", which is an unspecific goal that is perceived by the user of the phrase as either unobtainable or not worth the effort.This may be due to direct or indirect sources of omnious information.

c.) The phrase "That's flook" can be synonymous with the phrase "I can't fade it", meaning, "I am unable to take actions necessary to meet the standards of your request. This may be due to direct or indirect sources of omnious information.

Can be used to express disbelief of or disagreement towards an unspecific event.

This term is not to be confused with the word "fluke", which is an accidental stroke of good luck
John- You know that girl I was tryna hook up wit? She's straight fakin'. Why you gonna give me your number if you aint gonna pick up the damn phone, nah mean?

Skunder- Shiiittt sonn... That's flook.

a.) Skunder- Yo that girls got mad style son, and a fat ass too! I'm bouta go smack.

John- Nahh son... Shit's fluke.

Skunder- You already tried?

John- Nahh i heard she got kids.

Skunder- True.

b.) John- Yo you should throw down half on a pizza

Skunder- Nahh son... That's flook

John- Why?

Skunder- I just ate.

John- True

c.) Skunder- Yo you should throw down half on a pizza.

John- Nahh son... That's flook

Skunder- Why?

John- I gotta hold onto this money for later.

Skunder- True.

John- Yo i got a D in art class and i did all my work!

Skunder- Same here son.

John- Fuck man! ...Shit's flook...

John- I still can't believe you got an A in the class but you weren't even there half the time. The teacher must not have noticed.

Skunder- I know. That was a straight fluke. But im still siced.

John- True.
by John D. Kidd December 12, 2010
Another way to say fuck without your anyone bitching at you.
If you get mad at your cat:
Flook you cat!
by Mike & Sarah Ballou January 02, 2005
(N) a speculative argument improvised on the spot, delievered with an agressive authority as to make the other party believe you are absolutely not bull-shitting them.
"Dude, did you catch that flook Billy just pulled in response to my question as to why mites lives on our eye lashes? I totally believed him that it was because our eye lashes produce a sweet nectar that they are attracted to, I mean, he knows everything."
by la reine January 05, 2006