If ever the word 'McNerbert' is used in a sentence you must always preceed it with the word 'Floogle'. Fact.
Flanking hell geeza, my dad said to me that he plays golf. Floogle Mcnerbert bruv, Floogle Mcnerbert.
by baz January 20, 2005
Top Definition
A vagina with large, razor sharp teeth that extends from the body and attacks people. Makes loud, ferocious roaring sounds and, when extended, looks like a leech.
"Dude, my penis is gone." "What happened?!" "I was doing this girl when, suddenly, her floogle bit my dick and ripped it off." "Scary shit, man."
by FloogleKillsStarbucks March 16, 2008
To play in or around private parts of a man or women.
Dude I totally floogled that girl over there.
by Batesio March 18, 2011
a floogle the new name for the number 1 with a million zeros after it.
I would't have sex with the fat girl for a floogle dollars.
by dakota kid October 23, 2009
A rude or cruel person. Sometimes, the person may steal. *A swear word*
That Matthew Ludwig was acting like such a floogle today! I don't know what was up with him.
by whatpaigeesaid March 11, 2009
a woman or man with promiscuous tendencies
DAMN.. look at that floogle, Man she's easy. Wev'e all given her one!!!
by norman July 03, 2003
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