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Astral Projection

1) The method in which an individual can seperate his conciousness from his physical body. (Also referred to as OBE or Out of Body Experience) This method occurs right before REM sleep. The mind is in a trance state called Foucs 10. Focus 10 means the body is asleep but the mind is awake. The common effects at this point are the ability to see through closed eyelids, vibrations occruing throughout the body, and or a falling sensation. The projected double, referred to as the Astral Double, may freely move through the Astral Planes or the Real Time Zone. The real Time zone is the closest thing to the physical, and has almost every sembelence to reality. The Astral planes are the higher planes in which one can travel. During a projection, people have reported, Flying, passing through solid objects, seeing into the past and future, communicating with the deceased, and visiting far away planets. This phenomenon can only be proven by the individual performing it.

2) The Goa Trance artists stationed in Israel. Their music is one of the most unique electronica you will ever hear. Easily identified by their familiar beats. Their first release in 1996 was The Astral Files (although their first song was released in 1993 'Another World'), and their most recent release is 10. 10 has ... ten original songs on it, but a remixed in a fasion in which only a professional could. There are 2 members ,Avi Nissim and Lior Perlmute.
1) My first Astral Projection was on January 10th 2005 at 8:29 AM. I was looking through my closed eyelids, rolled out of bed and went through my front door. I stood in the street and tried to fly, but i couldnt. If one wanted to Project, they could learn how by checking out

www.astraldynamics.com or www.astralvoyage.com

2) Astral Projection is going to be touring the US soon, for more information one should check out

by Ezekiel February 08, 2005
An ingenious device designed to separate the user and their lunch
Alton Towers is full of cola roasters *roller coasters
by Ezekiel March 09, 2005
The generation of people coming after the slacker and media influenced generation x. A generation known for superficiality, egos, mixture of urban and suburban cultures, school shootings, import cars, multi racial-ethnic-religious-national mix of people in society, spiritual seeking and searching, and the generation changed by 9/11 and who will be the generation that will change the world.
Jose Tyrone O*Neil served in the U.S Marines fighting World War III, he was born in Brooklyn, NY but raised in Los Angeles, CA, is black, Irish, Puerto Rican, and Chinese. He listens to punk, new school rap, metal, and techno. He drives a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse but was jacked off it because of the out of control nature of schools in America. He is a practicing Taoist.
by Ezekiel March 26, 2005
When a male is sitting on the toilet, taking a dump and a girl is giving a blowjob at the same time.
When trailer trash whores having nothing else better to do than having sex with their nephews
by Ezekiel November 11, 2003
Now for something other than just classes. A look at the pros and cons of Final Fantasy XI.

1)A very large, yet managable world. With very managable methods of transportation which include the Boat, the Air ship, The Chocobo, and of coarse on foot.
2)The replay value is great, no need to make a new character ever. With the built in change job function that Final Fantasy XI has incorperated. If you realised that you did not like the job you chose. You are able to switch your job to a new one. And if you think you liked your old one better, switch right back and keep going from where you left off.
3)Trading system, that is one of the best pros of Final Fantasy XI.... with the auction house, you can sell, or buy anything you want. With there being 5k+ characters per server, never worry about your items not selling or not finding the item you want. There will always be someone needing something you have. And you vise versa.
4)There are so many Weapons, armor, and such to pick from you will always find a way to be unique.
5)If your tired of fighting and doing the same thing over and over agian, try crafting out for a change. Make your own armors or weapons, even jewlery for + to you stats. It is a very profitable endevor if you ask me.

1)The weather effects need some work, day and night are to obvious. Youll never see rain, and the water could use some work :/
2)I wish you could swim... it would help, you cant swim or jump.... you learn yo live with it.
3)Making money is hard if your not a theif.... so you have to work hard to get what you want.
4)There needs to be more skills for some classes.

Other than that.... the game is great.
I wish there werent any cons to Final Fantasy XI, :/, oh well check the game out and have fun.
by Ezekiel January 22, 2004
A street name for the prescription drug "oxycontin." Oxycontin is a legal analgestic opiate prescribed for severe pain. Its primary component is oxycodone. Other names for the prescription medicine are "Oxys" and "cottons."
I'm picking up about 5 skys after class. They're going for 20 bucks now a days.
by Ezekiel October 12, 2005
a former member of DF clan
dude flome just nailed you with his DEAGLE
by EZEKIEL September 16, 2003

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