A Celtic punk band in the spirit of the Pogoues. They sound terrific and are great listening and dancing for all (except the Brits). My family came over because of the "potato blight" and ALSO because their home was burned down in front of their eyes because they were behind on ONE MONTH of rent to the "land lord--brit". They saw many of their neighbors and even family die from hunger by the very same roads the brit's used everyday carrying large amounts of food to other wealthy and titled land owners. There is, unfortunately, much for Irish people to be bitter about. I feel happy that there is some peace there but it does not take away the hole in my heart left by my family being forced to leave the land they loved. I have never felt "comfortable" in America. Yet, I will never see Ireland. I am thinking of putting in my will to be buried there...
by irishbookfairy March 21, 2009
Top Definition
An Irish band that involves pieces of folk and punk music to create an interesting sound wraught with rhythm and Irish Nationalism.
Devil's Dance Floor, What's left of the Flag, and Drink and FIght are all good Flogging Molly songs.
by Grendel September 28, 2003
An outstanding seven person band that mixes traditional Irish folk, punk music, and drinking songs into some really fun sound that will stir up the Celtic blood in any one (even if they do not have any Celtic blood!)
Listening to Flogging Molly stirs up me Celtic blood so much I want to river dance then hit any one who makes fun of me in his nose!
by Clornelius June 08, 2003
The Greatest band in the world, they have the best combinations of instrumensts ever. If you havent ever heard these guys play.....you havent lived. Do yourself a favor and download one of their songs.....like....Devil Dance Floor.
by Anonymous May 12, 2003
1. An awesome folk/punk/drinking 7-man Irish band. They sing about how the wars in Ireland suck and how fun it is to drink and run into eachother.

2. Litterally meaning "drunks slamming into eachother".
Wow, Ireland kind of sucks. Thank God for Flogging Molly. This place is so war-torn i doubt that there is anything "left of the flag". (Reference to Flogging Molly song, if you didn't notice that, back out of this page).
by Joe January 07, 2005
An awesome 6 man and 1 girl Irish Punk band that started in LA. They mix (very well i mite add) irish folk and punk together to make some of the best drinking songs. Great lyrics refering to their wars and the oppression by England. Very patriotic to ireland. They bring out the Irish in everyone.
If your gonna downl...i mean buy a song by them, i strongly recommend Black Friday Rule, Whats Left of the Flag, and Devil's Dance Floor.
Dude, flogging molly fuckin rocks. FUCK THE ENGLISH!!!!
by blackfireruler October 11, 2007
truely a great band but don't download songs - buy them...
btw: devils dance floor is a pretty cool song, but 'whats left of the flag' is even better
*humppahummpahummpa* 0_o
by unknown-reader May 13, 2003
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