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A Celtic punk band in the spirit of the Pogoues. They sound terrific and are great listening and dancing for all (except the Brits). My family came over because of the "potato blight" and ALSO because their home was burned down in front of their eyes because they were behind on ONE MONTH of rent to the "land lord--brit". They saw many of their neighbors and even family die from hunger by the very same roads the brit's used everyday carrying large amounts of food to other wealthy and titled land owners. There is, unfortunately, much for Irish people to be bitter about. I feel happy that there is some peace there but it does not take away the hole in my heart left by my family being forced to leave the land they loved. I have never felt "comfortable" in America. Yet, I will never see Ireland. I am thinking of putting in my will to be buried there...
by irishbookfairy March 21, 2009
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