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Flixster is the greatest movie site ever. There are forums where you can chat randomly, gawk about actors and celebs, talk about upcoming movies, books, music, problems on flix, general movies, etc.etc. You can search and rate movies-send them to your friends. Add video clips and pictures. Chat there..Take the Never Ending Quiz: Filled with Movie questions. Take polls and quizes, chat with friends, customize your profile. And so much more
Hey! Flixster looks so fun! *gets addicted*
by Thebestofthebest July 10, 2008
This is a movie geeks paradise, where pathetic gawking tards post comments, rate movies and make even shitter pointless profiles. Surprisingly this site attracts many myspace whores and 16 year old fuckheads of the same cavalier. 80% of the people don't even understand movies that is why its a bebo meets movie rape fest.
Common Flixster Comment -Omg I like loved this movie, it was sooo good.
by Jacko12 April 18, 2007
a most wonderful website for social networking based on movie preferences - a great way to kill some time if you love movies
I was on Flixster today and met someone else who thought Phillip Seymour Hoffman's best work was in "Love Liza."
by SkyG October 23, 2006
a site where movies can be compared and rated
flixster is a shit site
by scottysullivan October 06, 2006
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