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1. Used in Jerry Jackson films and the narrator is unable to pronounce "right", so the word rate is used. Oh No! is used in a high pitch voice during some episodes to create suspense and tension. Also animatiosn spelt incorrectly "animatens".
2. To rate someone (1-10)
That is like rate funny, LMAO!
by scottysullivan October 06, 2006
1. A character off of the well known television series "The Mitchell and Webb Look"

2. A poor tramp that comes from a rich family that has to steal joints, beer and cigarettes to live a normal lifestyle
A: My name is Sir Digby Chicken Caesar
by scottysullivan October 03, 2006
1. A womans pussy that smells remotely like a fish
2. A woman that stuffs large fish in their pussy for the amusmant of others
1: That chick has a fishy pussy
2: LOL
by scottysullivan October 03, 2006
1. A short character on "The Hitcher" episode of The Mighty Boosh Series 1.

2. A member of the "Animal Offenders" prison which features the Nazi turtle ("a fresh-water fascist for all the family"), the Ku Klux goose and Trevor Robinson, a shire horse with over 37 unpaid parking tickets.

3. A goose that takes offense from anybody who is in an ethnic minority (blacks, asians, chinks, etc.)
A Klu Klux Goose!
by scottysullivan October 04, 2006
1. Jacking off in your parents bed
2. Jacking off over one of your parents face when they are asleep(depending on who you like the least)
3. Doing a huge shit on the floor and then picking some up weith your index finger and ramming it into someones eye...

then jacking off over them while they are screaming in agony rolling around on the floor, blind
1: OMG.. You totally jackmore(d) that guy
2: Yeah awesome!
by scottysullivan October 03, 2006
The transformation of a caucasian/asian man into a black man

Often referred to "turned to the dark side"
That guy just got niggarfied
by scottysullivan October 06, 2006
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