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1) n. A person lacking the ability to stand up for him/herself
2) v. the act of giving in to one's significant other at the expense of one's satisfaction
Stop being a Flitch and tell your girl how it is. I don't care what she wants you to do; don't Flitch out on us.
by Drew (the Flitch maker) November 11, 2005
Flat Bitch as in flat chested and bitchy.
You can only call a GIRL this
unless the male has boobs for some reason.
GOD that girls sucha flitch!
by BradenBITCH March 24, 2008
Someone with no backbone or balls. Won't stand up for themselves and knows it. Someone who acts like they might have balls sometimes but when push comes to shove they back down and hand their unused and unwrapped balls over. AKA: a pussy
I can't believe you let Jen cheat on you AGAIN! Your such a flitch.
by Mike (not a flitch) November 11, 2005
A guy who is whipped by his girlfriend and has no testicles left.
Floyd I can't believe you let Jen make you cancel your plans to go out drinking tonight. Your such a fucking flitch.
by Armin Hoda November 11, 2005
verb. To flinch and/or twitch.
My eye started flitching when I told that lie and it gave me away.
by vmharris February 03, 2010
Flitch: Any of the slighlty pasty liquid formations often found in the eyeducts or between the toes (See Toe Jam), but a little more wet, often flicked from the finger when removed and making a sound when hitting a wall -- Flitch!
Suffering from a cold, the buildup of eye flitch required a tissue to clean.
by we6w August 20, 2009
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