1. shoes that both guys and girls wear. does not matter on what color either gender wears.

2. there are also heels that are flip flops as well, girls usually wear these.
1. the whole school wore flip flops during spring time.

2. i love to wear flip flops that are heels.
by lucasmueller15 July 28, 2008
A white man who thinks he is black, or a black man acting white.
That nigga is so gay he might as well flip flop.
by T-Fizz June 25, 2006
The only shoes worth wearing. Hey, what can I say, my feet sweat. Perfect for people who live in warm areas of the world.
Gosh, it's so frickin hot out! Luckily my feet won't sweat because I have on my flip-flops.
by Blaizin' July 10, 2008
n. The official shoe of the democrat party,also known as Kerry slippers.

v. The actions and change of mind that John Kerry goes through everytime he opens his mouth.
Hey, what color are your Kerry slippers?
by sven June 10, 2004
A specific act invloving the motions of a male bending over a female and going to town on her from behind.
"Hey I heard Suzy was at your house last night, what happened?"

"I gave her the flip flop and served that ho."
by billy trainkets June 07, 2004
Something all politicians do, esspecially John Kerry.

Don't listen to what I say, cause it's not what I do
"I served in Vietnam, before I served against it."
by Dan August 29, 2004
My sceret obsession of footwear. What I wear on my feet when no one is looking.

Rad shoes for dudes.
"It just isn't fare for me. I like to wear flip flops because all the other dudes at school and tv wear'em! Flip Flops are one of the most raddest shoes to wear on hot days"
by phantom5 May 16, 2005
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