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Money, particularly spent on buying others stuff to make ones self look better. Used in the video by Brad Neely on "Professor brothers: Fliff night"
"There I was, whipping out fliff like a sultan!"
by Siko sam May 28, 2007
Slang term for money, especially money cast about in a casual manner, such as when buying rounds of drinks for people you don't know or even dislike, just to make yourself feel like the life of the party.

Seems to have been invented by comic genious brad neely.
"Professor Brother was the life of the science department's big Oppenheimer piñata party. That is, until the fliff throwing came to an abrupt end."

"A true Patriarch knows how to rock out with his fliff out."
by Patriarch917 May 31, 2007
Meaning dollar bills primarily. Also cash, or just money in general.
Man, I was throwin' fliff all over the place!
by Mynxie June 04, 2007
Shit. Faeces. Excrement.
An onomatopoeic word resembling the sound it makes as it slips out of your anus.
I just went into the toilet an inhaled an entire lungful of turd particles. Someone must have squashed out an enormous fliff just before I went in.
by DerBeisser November 18, 2014
Fat Lady I Fuck Fast
yo, the other day fat girl Kate came over with some chiba, one thing lead to another and she quickly became my 3rd fliff this month!
by the dude 5446 July 31, 2010
To fliff: Two people place their buttholes together and fart into each other.

I need a girlfriend who will go fliff me.
by mrjswilson February 24, 2008
A small hill. Not quite a cliff, not quite a mound.
"If you died then I'd jump of a fliff. Why? Because its high enough to show my sadness but not too high for me to die."
by Rapunzel February 08, 2006
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