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During anal sex, going from ones ass to ones mouth.
-Hey man, what did you do to that chick last night?
-I took her to the cash machine.
by mrjswilson January 01, 2008
Must be said with a gay lisp and whiny as hell. You can even draw out the 'u' depending on how whiny you want to be.
All it is, is a common way to complain.
Jeeeezus, guys why can't you just listen to me and mop the floor.
by mrjswilson July 10, 2008
1. v. The act of going totally M3TYL!
2. n. A band with at least least two rad dudes, and some other guy or maybe some other people. I don't know.
1. Man I am going to get totally KIVELMOTAK! on this bunch of bananas.
2. I say that Kivelmotak! band is just, well, they're just capitol.
by mrjswilson July 10, 2008
It is for when two folks are in a relationship and something needs to change, or slow down, or whatever and needs to be fixed to prevent someone from getting slaughtered.
Not to be confused with "break up".
"Hey, slow down lady. You are being all whiny, we need to brake up so you wont be all kinds of squeaky anymore."
by mrjswilson November 03, 2008
To fliff: Two people place their buttholes together and fart into each other.

I need a girlfriend who will go fliff me.
by mrjswilson February 24, 2008

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