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Slang term for money, especially money cast about in a casual manner, such as when buying rounds of drinks for people you don't know or even dislike, just to make yourself feel like the life of the party.

Seems to have been invented by comic genious brad neely.
"Professor Brother was the life of the science department's big Oppenheimer piñata party. That is, until the fliff throwing came to an abrupt end."

"A true Patriarch knows how to rock out with his fliff out."
by Patriarch917 May 31, 2007
The unauthorized replacing of the original soundtrack of an audiovisual recording, such as a movie or television show, with one designed to substantially alter the original plot and/or characters.

The term "trackjacking" is derived from a conjunction of the phrase “soundtrack hijacking,” and is intended to convey the idea of unauthorized usurpation.

A trackjack is easily distinguishable from a mashup. A mashup combines two preexisting works in a creative way to make a new product through selection and arrangment. A trackjacker adds their own new content to a preexisting work while leaving the preexisting work substantially unaltered.
My friends and I got together last weekend to do some trackjacking. We recorded new dialogue to "My Little Pony: Princess Promenade." You should rent the movie, then watch it on mute while listening to our trackjack on your iPod.

Examples of trackjacking include:

Brad Neely's "Wizard People, Dear Reader"
My Way Entertainment's "The Juggernaut Bitch!!"
Fensler Films' "G.I. Joe PSAs"
by Patriarch917 February 27, 2007

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