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a word to describe every situation (especially the particularily awesome and/or amazing). a subject, noun, verb, and phrase...especially effective as a replacement for indecent words. Flibberology- the study of flibber, whose speakers are fluent in the language of Flibbanese..which has it's very own voflibulary in the Flibbictionary.
oh my flibber.
what the flibber?
where in the flibber?
oh sweet flibber.
flibbin right?
that flibs..
how flibulous!
Flibbering flibber, Batman!
i'm so flibbed.
wanna flibber?
way to be a flibber.
by littleflibber August 09, 2011
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Noun A fat girls vagina
She wasnt too bad until I saw her flibber.
by blindniggasamurai February 25, 2006

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