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Flep is used when wanting to take the piss out of someone showing off about sex: it is a joke 'orgasmic scream,' and should be shouted loudly as soon as a person begins to talk about the dodgy subject. It originates from the more random folk of South Wales.
"Yeah I did this girl hardcore last ni-" "FLEP" "Fuckoff"
by Adam Thompson 0000 March 02, 2007
Flep is a term that by no means has anything to do with orgasm, but has come to be a "joke" orgasmic scream. It is used to make fun of anyone saying the word.
"What's your favourite word?"
"Ummm... flep"
"Orgasmic scream!!!"
by David Roache March 01, 2006
The act of flipping the fuck out.
Roger flepped when he heard the news.
by CoShaDedine May 24, 2011
Flep is defined as a person that spends alot of their time and passion in an activity or something along those lines but never get any better!
-Dude, i have trained football for 5 years but im not getting any better!
-Yeah, thats cause your a flep!
by Zecty May 14, 2016
A mad person that gets angry and starts to throw stuff
That man a flep because he is destroying the place.
by unicorn13975 June 11, 2016
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