comes from the root 'leet' meaning elite and/or of some higher importance. more commonly used as a derogative meaning superior. the prefix 'f' short for 'f**king' creates a new meaning 'fucking lite' commonly used in the day-to-day syntax of the common online gangsta and/or bitches and hoes.
"I watched star wars yesterday. It wasn't very fleet"
by fatmalakalikesdick May 19, 2005
Sexy VB programmer on, made Flawed Bot and such, also has a large cock.
Where can I download Fleet-'s bot?
by anon April 02, 2005
attempting to one-up someone in a dick measuring contest (whether intentionally or subconsciously). usually making the fleeter look like an ass
guy 1-"i was sooo drunk last night. I can't believe i didn't get arrested."

guy 2-"dude, i was 9 shots deep, i ripped the bong like 6 times and i talked to the cops downtown. i can't believe i didn't get arrested either.."

guy 1-"yo, why do you always fleet my stories dickhead?"
by analbumcover March 16, 2008
1. Something u shove up ur ass

2. A gang of white junior high boys who think their cool
1. Ewww get that fleet out of ur fat ass

2. U most be cool cause ur in the fleet (fleet fleet fleet)
by ReverseCowgirl March 04, 2005
Flat and fugly, used to define and describe people uder weight and selfish.
She's so fleet. She fleets herself around ruining the atmosphere with her fugly body.
by Sally March 19, 2005

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