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A word to describe anything that looks like a feather but is a leaf or anything that is a feather but looks like a leaf.
You got some fleaf in your hair.

I really want that fleaf ring.
by grubby91 March 28, 2010
A flea that looks like a leaf.
ahhhhh! Theres a fleaf on me!!!
by jimmanycricket December 02, 2010
The word that can replace any other word on earth. A codename for anything.

Whoa! Who the fleaf was that sexy man?

FLEAF! Did you smell that fart?
by Maddykins November 10, 2007
an english muffin the size of a flea circus and gets yeast for christmas
man that fleaf had a sandwich paty and no one came cause he was fat nd a loser
by yappy December 21, 2004

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