The act of flipping a womans breast up, accompanied by the word "Flap!", then slapping the breast sideways while saying "Jack!".
I saw Albert flapjacking this bitch on tape, and I could see the shockwave in slow motion.
by Doodwashere October 11, 2008
The act created by breasts slapping together resulting from not wearing a bra.
Damn girl, you're flapjacking again.
by AlexaaMmeghan May 18, 2011
when lying naked on ones bed and jumping on to your stomach then to your back resembling flipping a flapjack
I was flap jacking so hard my bed broke!
by MC triple T January 02, 2011
To masturbate with a with a pancake (preferably warm) covered in warm syrup,
Phil make pancakes and decided to go flapjacking.
by DjRobot March 02, 2011
when somebody cooks up a fresh batch of hot steaming pancakes, coats them thoroughly with a layer of rich golden syrup, and then proceeds to firmly smack them on the exposed butt cheeks of an unsuspecting victim
dude were you flapjacking last night because i got flapjacked so hard that the aunt jemima waxed my butt hair
by dark crystal March 11, 2011
A tandem masturbatory technique in which the participants lock arms at the elbows whilst gripping the shaft of their penises. They then flap elbows like a bird in synchronization to most efficiently share the work of jacking.
I jerked off with my friend, but it wasn't gay because we were flap jacking.
by Kingsbury Brothers February 05, 2010
Jacking off onto pancakes and then eating it
"What did you have for breakfast, Jimmy?"

"I did a little flap jacking"

by Dirty dirty girl December 31, 2006
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