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The Flap slap is the female equivalent of a cock slap.

She stands over her partner when he is asleep and slaps him round the face with her fanny flaps.
' When Brad was asleep I stood over him and flap slapped him good!'
by Bonerificly Big January 28, 2009
When a girl playing Call of Duty, Halo, or any other game, engages in the act of "Flap Slapping." It is the equivalent to a male "Tea Bagging."
Guy: Dude I killed this chick and then tea bagged her ass!

*Guy dies*

Guy: WTF?! She just Flap Slapped me in the face!
by Ashhhhhleeeeey September 04, 2010
when a woman slaps someone in the face with her labia.
He turkey slapped her she lifted up her skirt and flap slapped him back!
by camocap May 20, 2009
A facial slap with the use of ones flap. The female equivalent of a dickslap.
"If he advertises his band to me on myspace one more time i swear to god i'll flapslap the entire band myself"
by hazbad April 22, 2007

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