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To attempt a conversation while unintentionally thoroughly confusing your listener. Approving and negating a topic in the same sentence. To open up a conversation on one topic and randomly change to another. The flanderer may be sober or intoxicated. Rapid successions of the words, "yea, yea, yea, no, no, no"
"Yo dude did you borrow my pen?"

"Yea yea yea, no no no"


"I did, but then I didn't"

"Quit fucking flandering, did you borrow it or not?"
#cracked out #ramble #annoy #nonsensical #confuse
by spittin game July 19, 2009
The act of proselytizing or evangelizing, usually with an annoyingly humble and self-deprecating demeanor. Derived from the name of popular cartoon character Ned Flanders.
They are a sport-shirted, discomforted lot, pacing, puffing feverishly on cigarettes, perspiring freely and flandering furiously. —Misquote of Nicholas Dawidoff, Sports Illustrated, 19 Aug. 1991
#evangelizing #proselytizing #the simpsons #bart #ned flanders
by goddamnitwhyareallthenamestakn January 06, 2012
verb. to flander.
To have such a friendly, (Ned Flanders-like) attitude, that it allows people to take advantage of it and walk all over you.
"My brother is too generous for his own good. If he keeps flandering around like this, he'll wind up getting fucked over by an scam artist!"

"You need to stick up for yourself, boy! No son of mine will let people flander him!"
#doormat #weak #overly generous #flander #flanderer
by dmueller_art December 31, 2009
1) The act of making sure people are having fun.
2) Also can be used as a super-human power to win tiles.
3) Another version of the term "Raindancing"
1) Hey, are you flandering?
2) We need to do some serious flandering if we want a tile.
3) Wow, look at this drought, we need some serious flandering.
#flandering #creeping #raindances #fun #tiles
by treyyert April 26, 2010
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