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In an MMA fight its when you drag another fighter to the ground and hold them there during a fight. If they manage to stand up or the round ends, you repeat as soon as possible. The less damage the better. Technique created by UFC© fighter, Jon Fitch.
He's a wrestler he's going to spend all three rounds fitching him to get the decision.

What a boring fight, he only lost because he got fitched.
by MMath January 05, 2012
Verb: the act of inflating anothers ego in an extraordinary way. Usually involves using false statements.
Fitch: my faultttttt 6 packkkkkk?

Henry: stop fitching.
by My Fault April 14, 2011
Fake-bitching. When someone bitches for the sake of agreeing with someone, rather than because they actually feel the need or severely dislike the person.
sha'naynay: omg that girl is such a skank! she stole my boyfriend!

fa'naynay: yeah her hair's kinda bad.

sha'naynay: stop fitching, i'm really upset!
by celeryisbest November 25, 2009
Verb: The act of inflating or gassing anothers ego in an extraordinary way. Usually based on false statements.
Fitch: my faulttttt 6 packkkkk?
Henry: stop fitching
by My Fault April 14, 2011
Bitching with feeling
When you talk about someone you know but try to understand what they're going through.
"Hey, how's it going? I saw my friend Ella the other day and she was having an argument with Jamie!"
"Yeah, but I understand that she must have some deep issues"
"That's so true"
"Okay well, see you later good fitching sesh babe!"
"See you later!"
by phlopchlop September 23, 2012