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Fishtown is a neighborhood in Philadelphia along the deleware river. Once a working class community it has slowly become artistic and festive.

also known to have a bar, church or pizza shop on every corner

Fishtown is a hipster haven
the hipsters like to eat their pizza and drink pbr in Fishtown
by FishtownKid July 31, 2011
22 3
Fishtown is a neighborhood in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where most of the worlds Tony's and Vinny's reside.

The name "Fishtown" is derived from the area's former role as the center of the shad fishing industry on the Delaware River.
Hey, I saw Tony over in fishtown picking up some hoagies and pizza.

My cousin Vinnie lives in the basement at my home in fishtown.
by MrFlannery July 24, 2009
6 40