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A 30 pack of cheap American beer, such as as Keystone or Busch, named in honor of the working class neighborhood that's northeast of Center City, Philadelphia.
Stop by the beer distributor and pick up some Fishtown briefcases. Get some Lord Chesterfield Ale while your at it.
by fesak September 02, 2010
A woman's nether regions.
"Sometimes they'll ask me, 'what do you call it female genitalia?' And I'll say, well my favorite is the snuggery...And then they crack up, because it's such a feminine, funny word."

(From an interview with a phone-sex operator that turned up in a sociolinguistics text.)
by fesak July 23, 2010
The exceptionally powerful and distinctly unpleasant hangover that comes of drinking two of the stronger varieties of beer: Imperial IPAs and Imperial Stouts
Going to the brewpub last night was fun, but I can't get out of bed this morning. My head is pounding and I'm nauseous. I have an Imperial Hangover!
by fesak April 11, 2011

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