getting a girl to give you a blow job after having sex with a different girl and no cleaning your pecker in between
"After I boned Bridgette, I went to Carissa's place and slipped her a fish stick."
by darren phillips August 07, 2003
a one man band from Philadelphia, PA.
Hey, did you see fishstick when he was in town this week. I thought he was going to play "lakeside" but he mostly played new songs.
by Anonymous May 30, 2003
a term used in a joke that singles out kanye west, he just couldn't understand it.
man1-hey, do you like fish sticks?
man2- yah.
man1-so you like putting tehm in your mouth?
man2- um yah.
man1-so your a gay fish?
by emzlay June 05, 2009
A finger inserted into a vagina and then quickly smeared across the upper lip of a lucky recipient.
"Josh was being naughty so I slyly gave him a fish stick. He loved it!"
by Josh Dingus December 07, 2009
The male version of a cum dumpster. He fucks so many girls that his penis constantly smells like a vagina (a fish), hence, fishstick.
Jackie: I heard he gets around.

Bianca: Yeah dude, he's definitely stuck it in at least 50 chicks
Jackie: 50?!? Ewww that's ratchet! What an absolute fishstick!

Bianca: Yup, the utter fishstick.
by TheBinxaSays March 25, 2014
complement from gay men to drag queens or transgender women who are gorgeous and extremely feminine in appearance, as in too pretty to possibly be men.
"Hey fishstick, kisses! How are you? You look fabulous!"
by agentorange April 19, 2004
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