to choke and vomit profusely, especially on a dick
Last night Sarah was giving that kid head, and she fishmanned ALL over his shaft.
by did-ya-get-tha-fuckin-memo May 10, 2012
Top Definition
Last name and nickname of Phish drummer, vacuum player, and dress-wearer Jon Fishman. He is also known as Bob Weaver.
Fishman sings Purple Rain when it's played live.
by Zachée Elliée September 05, 2005
Half Fish/Half Man.
Guy 1:Your Gold Fish is totally turning me on dude.

Guy 2: Dont do anything stupid, and remember always wear a rubber, we wouldnt want another Fishman.
by Elherp93 March 31, 2009
A man who is an expert on various males' nipple sizes.
Fishman can accurately tell me the size of aaron's nipples.
by wellimmikedd December 09, 2010

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