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Men who are really good at making bagels and are stingy with their money, but aren't Jewish.
Hey, fellows... I know this ill ostrich at the bagel shop who doesn't look Jewish! Theo!
by wellimmikedd December 06, 2010
A man who is very forgetful and has skewed reasoning behaviors almost constantly. Also in debates he will present information that has no previous research to back it up, but will be claimed as correct.
I know this dandieballs who dropped out of a class because it was too easy and he knew he wouldn't focus in class, so he would get a bad grade in the class, but the class is still mandatory to take for his major.
by wellimmikedd December 09, 2010
A person who doesn't play world of warcraft, but does play older video games like Road rash and 007 Goldeneye and actually has a life.
Hey that guy is such a dope dingo because he refuses to play World of Warcraft.
by wellimmikedd December 06, 2010
A man who is an expert on various males' nipple sizes.
Fishman can accurately tell me the size of aaron's nipples.
by wellimmikedd December 09, 2010

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