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To get jumped by 4 to 5 people when your by yourself. Usually used in jail/prison
Damn, did you hear what happend to Sal? Yeah he got fish tanked in the yard.
by CountRex March 28, 2010
A car gets "fish tanked" when some idiot leaves their sunroof open during a terrential downpour. The best form of the "fish tank" is when water flows out your door when you open it.
Wow, it sure was raining out. Chris's car got fish tanked real bad!
by dcastdal October 10, 2013
(verb) to bend a girl over a fish tank whilst delivering anal sex to her. Mid-motion remove the lid of the tank and repeatdley dip the girl's head in and out of the tank all the while still ramming the girl in the anus.
I got this girl round last night and fishtanked the shit out of her!!
by Smellyfinger85 July 23, 2010
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