a firefly is when a man sets his pubes on fire, proceeds to have sex with a woman (lighting her pubes on fire as well) and finishing off by pulling out and using your jizz to extinguish the flames.
i gave this girl a firefly last night....the flames got a bit out of control...i no longer have eyebrows...
by Grufes December 19, 2010
When someone flicks a cigarette out their window and said cigarette flies back into their window or the window of a surrounding car. Douche points are awarded for hitting the driver of the other car.
ex1: WTF, I just got hit by that douche's firefly.
by OnikunZ April 17, 2009
That certain feeling you get when you suddenly realize that you're in love. You dont know what to do with yourself and you're not exactly sure how it all happened. All you know is that you dont have to be alone anymore, you never have to wonder what the fuss of love is all about. You're not done with your journeys yet, but both of you know that you've already won. Its a feeling thats stronger than butterfiles, right in the pit of your stomach and it makes you feel like you're going to float away. As long as you have the one(s) that you love, you'll always have a hand to help keep you down :)
Fireflies by Owl City
by GrlNextDoor55 December 05, 2009
A song by Owl City that is a Postal Service rip off. Really shitty, pretentious lyrics. Somehow it made the number 1 song on iTunes.
Owl City guy singing Fireflies: Everything is never as it seems.

Thom Yorke: Shut the fuck up.
by Fitter Happier November 19, 2009
A Great Song by "Breaking Benjamin"
Firefly Could you shine your light
Now I know your ways
'cause they're just like mine
Now I'm justified
As I fall in line
And it's hard to try
When you're open wide
by Willie the Great April 21, 2005
besides an insect and a tv show, also a great song by breaking benjamin
Fuck you firefly, have you lost your light.
by Adrian March 06, 2005
Someone with not only a low Intelligence Quotient, but a propensity to only think out of their tail end.
Bush is a step below a "Low wattage bulb", because he only thinks out of his... (what a "Firefly").
by Bohemian Earth Mother May 20, 2005

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