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2 definitions by Samsontheawesomekingof

The best damn show in the verse, if tv didn't exist they would have had to invent just to show firefly. But likw all good things it got cancelled way, way, way before it's time by the evil fox bastards
let's all watch firefly, because there's nothing else good on tv
by Samsontheawesomekingof July 12, 2006
the only useless boring character in joss whedon's otherwise brillant, original, hiliraious and cancelled tv show firefly. She's the reason
guy1: You wanna watch firefly?
guy2: What's that?
guy1: the best show ever, but it got cancelled because of this stupid whore Inara who couldn't act...but we got the awesome dvd so we can just fast forward through her shit bits.
by Samsontheawesomekingof July 12, 2006