A very common drink in Mississippi. Ole Miss frat boys and sorority girls often drink this when at parties or tailgating in The Grove. A sweet tea vodka drink that is produced in South Carolina. The classiest drink in the south.
"Sue Anne, lets drink Firefly's before the game."
"Ok! We are gonna crush LSU."
by mississippi girl December 08, 2009
Obscure slang term for "scared/scary" due to the chilling effect they have on easily confounded stoners and/or people tripping on mushrooms in fields.
A: "Did you tell your dad that you're pregnant yet?"

B: "Nah I'm way too fireflies about the whole thing..."
by HonkyDave November 10, 2012
The act of taking a lit cigarette bud and throwing it at a nearby pedestrian/friend. More often than not, if the victim is not a friend, they will get pissed.
Person 1: Hey, dude?? -Takes a hit from his cigarette-

Person 2: Yeah? -Turns to face him-

Person 1: FIREFLY. -Proceeds to throw burning cigarette bud at victim-

by TuEresMuyBlanco January 16, 2011
When a guy receives a blowjob while the person giving has pop-rocks in their mouth
David: Dude Allison gave me a firefly last night and one of the pop-rocks got in my dick hole and hurts like hell now!

Ethan: That sucks, sounds like something from two kids one sandbox...
by Fireflylover69 November 25, 2009
a brand of sweet tea vodka brewed in South Carolina. Tastes wonderful when made as an Arnold Palmer (Lemonade, Sweet tea vodka, and a splash of water) but taste like syrup when drank alone. This new vodka captivates preppy and southern charm in a glass.
Muffy and I sipped Firefly and had finger sandwiches in our sundresses and big hats at the horse races.
by CharlestonCharmer March 26, 2009
TO masturbate ones girlfriend to the point of excretion of seminal fluids, whilst jumping out of an airplane, using a flashlight.
BRO I heard you gave her the firefly yesterday!!!!!!!
by mikehunt bendover nelson August 15, 2011
A female that lurks or is mostly attracted to the hottest (most popular) guys only!
Kim Kardashian

She is a firefly, she went from the quaterback to the point guard after the Final Four.

I don't like her no more, because she is a firefly. She left me for my friend in the band.
by @MookX_XNasty February 28, 2011

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