The act of giving a handjob without any lubrication.
She gave me a fire starter last night because we were both tired AF. Now my dick has a Indian rug burn.
by scs_4 March 12, 2015
Really skinny woman or man who is sexually active'
Now that is what i call a fire starter, she is so skinny if you gave her a good hard fuck she would catch fire because of the friction.
by big tall Sacha March 14, 2013
An adult who can not wait until 12 o'clock new years eve to light the fireworks.
- Hey sweety it is midnight new years eve, lets shoot some fireworks!
- Sorry darling, Bill came along this morning and he is a firestarter, so there is nothing left.
by fhg72 December 30, 2014
A person who consistently supplies the bottles, shots or buckets of Fireball to a party or group at a bar. Widely loved, rarely fucked with.
"We drink so much Fireball when Joe is around, we never remember what happened the next day but it sure is fun. He's a firestarter."
by AdMan21 July 26, 2014
Noun. adj, 1. The thought that when a womans breasts are so big that when rapidly rubbed together and with the help of spontaneous combustion they could ignite into flames.

Small titties could not be fire starters because they couldn't possible produce enough heat from the friction to ignite by themselves.
"Wouldja look at them fire starters on that bitch! I could sop them up with some 'biscuts n gravy'."
by mojo8772 March 07, 2009
A girl that dates a guy that later comes out of the closet ( announces his 'gayness').
Julie: Hey, LeAnn, what ever happened to that guy you were datin'?

LeAnn: Haven't you heard, he dates Mike now.

Julie: You mean he's gay.

LeAnn: Yeah, so is the ex before him. They hooked up.
Julie: Dang girl, you're a fire-starter!
by LeAnn C January 18, 2008
Somebody who basically starts fires for fun or to do damage to a person or a person's property. Usually fucked up in the head in some way. See arson.
"That firestarter bitch burned down my house, now I'm going to kill her and cut off her fucking head!"
by IceWarm November 21, 2004

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