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When someone farts in the taxi cab while all the windows are rolled up and it fucking smells nasty.
Similar to dutch oven but instead of being under the covers your stuck in the moving cab.
"...so yeah Ben had me trapped in a dutch microwave last night and it smelled so bad that Donnie the cab driver had to roll his window down to keep from passing out."
by mojo8772 March 07, 2009
When one purposfully simutaneously text messages multiple friends on one text message and makes the message look as though it was only intended for one recipient.
An often very annoying occurance especially if your you are with a friend and you both just got the same message but on you each your phones.
Friend1: "Hey Will wants to know what Im up to tonight" Friend2: "That fucker, I just got the exact same message" Friend1: "well I guess his bitch ass is simul txt-ing again"
by mojo8772 March 07, 2009
Noun. adj, 1. The thought that when a womans breasts are so big that when rapidly rubbed together and with the help of spontaneous combustion they could ignite into flames.

Small titties could not be fire starters because they couldn't possible produce enough heat from the friction to ignite by themselves.
"Wouldja look at them fire starters on that bitch! I could sop them up with some 'biscuts n gravy'."
by mojo8772 March 07, 2009

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