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Given to the mortals by the God of fire... The Red Dragoonus. Dragoonus later was sentanced to life on earth for doing so, the fire running through his veins he quickly became over-run with power and became evil only intent on taking over the world. Some call him Shikaku, Goon or Terranaw. Without him you would not have fire, which of course is the greatest gift in this world!
Dragoonus gave you all fire!!
by Goon January 02, 2005
6 5
Used to describe quality. Especially common with drugs that are smoked.
That's that fire.
I got the fire.
by Clipper June 16, 2004
10 9
Fucked In Rear End
"I will never get F.I.R.E." said Sidney.
by Sidney Piekarski March 08, 2014
0 0
Noun: the best way to un-want anything.
Student: The neighbor's dog was barking all night, so I went over and killed it with fire. Un-wanted!
by mewfahsah June 05, 2012
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Original name of a girl. People assume she's a fire crotch.
by Irefay January 30, 2012
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The solution when there's that one pesky person who just needs to be dying.
Calvin: Damn, I just HATE Susie so much.
Calvin: lol why are we on the internet
by kate-to-the-M.I.L. December 11, 2011
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The "chemistry" or emotional passion in a relationship. The "spark" in such. Fire: passion, excitement, adventure, love.
Girl1: So why did you and Marc Break up?
Girl2: I just didn't feel the fire, ya know?

Girl1: Oh.
by Bethi:) November 27, 2010
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