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6 definitions by pbroots

a period of time (usually spring break or summer) where thousands of Arizonians/Arizona State students flock to the beach towns in San Diego California (usually Pacific or Mission) and greatly annoy/amuse the natives of the local community. The most belligerantly drunk of them usually get knocked-the-fuck-out by a local resident at some point during their trip.
beach native 1: "damn its zonie invasion right now..."
beach native 2: "I know, they need to go back to zonie land"
by pbroots March 14, 2011
12 5
Extremely high grade cannabis. When comparing or analysing cannabis, this term is used to accentuate the superior quality of a paticular product.
(two people comparing each others weed)
person 1: "here, check out this bombin"
person 2: "yeah you got that fire... but I got that FIRE fire"
by pbroots March 14, 2011
7 4
a small cannabis pipe.

{pronounced EE-PER}
person 1: "you wana roll a blunt for the show?"
person 2: "nah lets just take the iper"
by pbroots March 14, 2011
2 2
an individual sized portion of cannabis intended to be consumed in one hit through a waterpipe. The term is referring to the "snap" sound the ash makes when it is quickly pulled through the bowl piece into the water.
person 1: "alright lets go dude..."
person 2: "lets just take one more snappie..."
by pbroots March 14, 2011
2 2
Natural Ice beer. (Referring to the ABV of the specific beverage.) Term originated in San Diego, CA.
Person 1: "what you doing tonight?"
Person 2: "drinking that 5.9..."
by pbroots March 07, 2011
3 3
slang for Grey Goose vodka.
person 1: "what you all drinking?"
person 2: "we drinking that geeza.."
by pbroots March 07, 2011
15 41