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a period of time (usually spring break or summer) where thousands of Arizonians/Arizona State students flock to the beach towns in San Diego California (usually Pacific or Mission) and greatly annoy/amuse the natives of the local community. The most belligerantly drunk of them usually get knocked-the-fuck-out by a local resident at some point during their trip.
beach native 1: "damn its zonie invasion right now..."
beach native 2: "I know, they need to go back to zonie land"
by pbroots March 14, 2011
Natural Ice beer. (Referring to the ABV of the specific beverage.) Term originated in San Diego, CA.
Person 1: "what you doing tonight?"
Person 2: "drinking that 5.9..."
by pbroots March 07, 2011
Extremely high grade cannabis. When comparing or analysing cannabis, this term is used to accentuate the superior quality of a paticular product.
(two people comparing each others weed)
person 1: "here, check out this bombin"
person 2: "yeah you got that fire... but I got that FIRE fire"
by pbroots March 14, 2011
a small cannabis pipe.

{pronounced EE-PER}
person 1: "you wana roll a blunt for the show?"
person 2: "nah lets just take the iper"
by pbroots March 14, 2011
an individual sized portion of cannabis intended to be consumed in one hit through a waterpipe. The term is referring to the "snap" sound the ash makes when it is quickly pulled through the bowl piece into the water.
person 1: "alright lets go dude..."
person 2: "lets just take one more snappie..."
by pbroots March 14, 2011
slang for Grey Goose vodka.
person 1: "what you all drinking?"
person 2: "we drinking that geeza.."
by pbroots March 07, 2011

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