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Fire is the key to everything:

When your mad: Burn Someone!
When your happy: Burn Something!
When your depressed: Burn YourSelf!
When your in love: Burn Her/Him!
When your sleeping: Burn your bed
When your dead... Everything is burning already!!!!!
Frank: Fuck i failed my exam!
Jim: Dude... Burn Something...?
Dave: Duh!

-The next day-

Dave: Where's Frank?
Jim: There!

-Frank runs past on fire-

Dave and Jim: .......
by Devish August 06, 2011
Devish is the name for a really awesome and cool guy. A man that has done unimaginable things may often be referred to as a Devish.
That guys so Devish!!
by Devish August 01, 2011
A girl that is normally in love with a Harvey or Corbin.
Danni: I love to guys!!

Random person: What a slut!
by Devish August 01, 2011

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